Business Plans

Start a business without a plan and you may not arrive where you expect to be. An Operating Plan is a long-term (Usually five years) strategic framework on which to operate your business. If you expect to have investors or to borrow capital for your business, an Operating Plan is mandatory. If you do not need capital, a business plan is mandatory. That sounds redundant, doesn't it? A business plan is mandatory if you expect your business to grow at its optimum pace, produce quality products, and move in the appropriate direction. If you expect your executives and managers to know the destination  for the organization, you need a Business Plan. Keeping the business on a pre-determined track should be your most critical task. The Business Plan tells everyone where you are going, when you are supposed to get there, how you are supposed to get there, how much it is expected to cost to get there, and how much profit is expected at that destination.

Aften can help you put that plan together. We can provide the framework and assist you in creating an excellent management tool in your Business Plan.