Requests for Proposals

Many organizations need to have work performed for them, but they want to receive bids from multiple vendors. This is often used to receive a competitive price for the work. Most government agencies use this method. In order to receive these bids, a Request for Proposal is issued to selected vendors.

This request outlines the generalities and the specifics of the work to be done. It is imperative that the request be definitive enough to eliminate as much ambiguity as possible without necessarily telling the vendors "how" to do the job. The Request for Proposal often becomes part of the ultimate contract. It must, therefore, be complete in every way associated with the scope of work, timetable, payment schedules, and enforcement. There are numerous aspects to the Request for Proposal. It should be prepared by a knowledgeable professional.

Aften has prepare hundreds of these RFP's and can help you prepare yours.