Business Start-Ups

One of the scariest yet most exhilarating business ventures is the "start up" of a completely new business. This path is strewn with the bankrupt bodies of many companies, whose owners thought it was just a matter of hanging out the sign and collecting money. "The American Dream" is alive and well, but it is not easy, and it is definitely not simple.

If you are are in the infancy of creating a business entity, and you have not been through it before, Aften can be of considerable benefit to you. We can create or help you create a Business Plan, determine the type of organization that will best fit your needs, point you to the firms that do patent searches, apply for copyrights, write an Operating Plan, seek financial assistance, set up accounting and tax reporting, and organize the efforts to put the whole thing on line.

Already have it going, but need assistance for one or more of these areas, just call Aften, and we will assist you. In either case Aften can make a difference for you.